• Do you feel exhausted with all that is expected of teachers today?
  • Do you give 100% and more to your job, but leave little time for yourself?
  • Do you have difficulty saying NO?
  • Do you want more out of life?

If you answered YES to any of these, you will benefit from Apples For Teachers workshop.

Apples is a programme designed for those overworked teachers to help them gain a better understanding of a much more improved work/life balance. Through self-care and recognition of where in their lives there is a need for change I will give you the skills and strategies to take up the banner for yourself. I will guide you in creating stronger boundaries, show you how to let go of feelings of anger or frustration, help you recognise the importance of being present in order to embrace your teaching with more enthusiasm.


I enjoyed and benefitted from all areas of this workshop. Sharing and being open with one another was very supportive (What we women need!). It was a very calm, peacful and rewarding day. I would recommend this workshop to others if you want to experience a calm, relaxing and mindful day.- Chris

I loved being able to learn to express myself through colour. I would recommend this workshop to others, particularly people of my age group with similar issues who are not deeply aware.- Anonymous



Give your child the skills to be more confident and resilient as they make new friendships both at school and beyond.  Bears is a programme to enable children to be better able to recognise and deal with their feelings as they participate in their world. 

Suited to children 4 years and over. The parent or caregiver is encouraged to participate along with the child as they participate in 5 sessions. 

Children take time to recognize their emotions and the emotions of others. They often struggle to cope with these emotions. This workshop covers:-

  • Developing a sense of self.
  • Building confidence and resilience.
  • Coping with fear.
  • Managing anger
  • Coping with loss.

Using Expressive Therapies to support  children to understand and deal with their emotions, these sessions allow sharing of concerns as well as learning new ways of dealing with issues such as anger, grief, fear, feeling connected, feeling confident and developing resilience. 


Talking about their emotions has helped them communicate better at home. Thanks so much for this great opportunity.- Aroha

I think she will use a lot of the activities she's learned in the future, they were fun for her age and she enjoyed them.- Freya



Designed to support any parent and caregiver with the demands that raising children brings, especially where there are complex challenges of children with special needs.  In this workshop you will:-

  • Learn how to make time for yourself and support yourself in times of struggle. 
  • Learn some new skills so that you are not left feeling overwhelmed.
  • Recognise what your body is trying to tell you and learn how to nurture yourself. 
  • Live in the present and forgive yourself for feelings of guilt. 
  • Release tension and grief and welcome the feeling of comfort and contentment.  


Thanks for inviting me. This workshop was relaxing, informative and open. There was a good combination of talking and other strategies for problem solving.- Debbie

I would recommend this workshop to others. I was made to feel welcome and relaxed and able to share my feelings easily with the rest of the group.- Jackie.


Professional Development Workshops

Workshops offered as Professional Development for schools, childcare centers, mother's groups, etc:-

  • Building Strong Boundaries
  • Bust the Block
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Grief and Loss
  • Resourcing for Resilience
  • Tools for Tough Days in Teaching
  • Wise Women Within

Other workshops can be designed to suit your needs. 

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