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Marys Place of WisdomMarys Place of WisdomMarys Place of Wisdom

Restoring Balance Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually with Holistic Expressive Therapies



Mary's Place of Wisdom is for all those challenged by the demands that come with caring for children and especially children with special needs.  

Whether you're a teacher, parent, sibling, or a child, you'll benefit from Mary's use of Expressive Therapies, Holistic Energy Healing, & Workshops.

About Mary

Often feeling alone and isolated, living away from family and any support network, I understand all too well the challenges faced by siblings, teachers, parents and families in caring for children with special needs.   Such depth of of knowledge comes from my own childhood where I had a brother with Down Syndrome, and later a child  of my own with ADHD.  It's what led me initially to working with children in education, and later to pursuing my real passion - counselling using expressive therapies, and energy healing.
Having spent many years as a primary school teacher, then a support teacher in Inclusive Education, (where I provided support to children in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Gifted and Talented, Behavioural and Social and Emotional issues), I was guided to complete an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Graduate Certificate in Artistic Therapies, together with a Certificate in Emotional Literacy for children.
This added to my knowledge and experience running programs such as:

  • Friends and Fun Friends programmes, 
  • Grief and Loss programmes, 
  • Parent programmes (including reading, maths and parenting),
  • Workshops for parents and teachers in supporting their resilience, emotions and well-being. 

I look forward to working with parents and teachers in supporting themselves and their children.

Mary's Philosophy

  • I am passionate about helping others help themselves.  My motto – ‘don’t give them fish, teach them how to fish, then they can continue to do this’ .
  • Working with families has always been central in supporting not only children, but parents and teachers. Working in and with a team to create a holistic support structure creates a stronger sense of having been listened to and cared for and I am only too happy to work with you and your team of specialists if needed.
  • My focus always was, and always will be, seeking out the positive and good in people, their successes and strengths and working with this to develop those areas which may need a little more help.  I believe that clients can find solutions and solve the problems themselves.
  • My belief is that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, they only need a little nudge, the space to be held, to feel comfortable and confident in the belief that they can do it.
  • I have a very strong intuition; it is one of my strengths and I use this in my counselling in guiding clients to where they need to go.
  • Like the butterfly, transformation does not come easily but can be beautiful. It is my job to support the client with this

Qualification / Experience


  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Honours Degree in Education (thesis on Boys' Literacy), 
  • Master of Education (Special Education)
  • working with children with behavioural problems; 
  • supporting students to better achieve their goals through following the Functional Behavioural Assessment Process, (ABA) Applied Behavioural Assessment and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention programmes. 
  • Masters Degree in Education (Special Education) 
  • Development of an Oral Language programme for young children (Chatting Children) 
  • Lecturer and presenter in New Literacies and Multi-Modal Texts, 
  • Completed AGQTP Gifted and Talented programme, 
  • Reviewed Access Asia Programme for Schools and 'Meeting the Challenge Boys and Literacy' programme.

Holistic Health/Healing

  • Diploma of Holistic Counselling
  • Advanced Diploma of Holistic Counselling
  • Graduate Certificate in Artistic Therapies
  • Certificate / Trainer in Emotional Literacies
  • Practitioner Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Reiki
  • Touch for Health

What's On Offer At Mary's Place



  • APPLES for Teachers – a programme designed for those overworked teachers to help them gain a better understanding of a much more improved work/life balance. 
  • BEARS – A programme to enable children to be better able to recognise and deal with their feelings as they participate in their world. 
  • HUGS – Designed to support any parent and caregiver with the demands that raising children brings, especially where there are complex challenges of children with special needs. 

Workshops focus around holistic approaches intergrating expressive therapies.


Counselling / Healing

Let Mary help you find your own inner wisdom through Holistic and Expressive Therapies.    Mary uses Expressive Therapies and Energy Healing to create mind body balance on all levels spiritual, emotional, and physical. 

 If this seems a bit daunting maybe you'd like to experience a small taste of what this is like and attend one of the many workshops available.

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