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Australian Bushflower Essences

The Australian Bush Flower Essences work on the Emotional, Physical and Spiritual elements of the body and are a good compliment to counselling.
They help to get your life back into balance. By working firstly on the emotions this allows inroads towards physical healing and connectedness. Many cultures have used and do use a wide variety of Flower Essences in the healing of emotional health and well-being. These essences can be used on children and adults alike. They can even be used on your pets. They are gentle and safe to use and free from side-effects.


Developed by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the 19th century, Reiki is a form of energy healing.
Reiki treatments usually take about an hour and are conducted as you lie fully clothed on a table, whilst the practitioner holds his or her hands still on or above the body to allow the energy to flow.
Reiki can transform and balance the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of your life.

Touch for Health

Touch for Health is a system of healing that uses manual muscle bio-feedback through muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body's energy system. Touch for Health can rebalance the body's energies and activate the body's own healing process. It does not treat or diagnose symptoms.
Created by Dr John Thie in the 1970's, It combines various components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gentle pressure on specific reflex points and / or gentle manipulation.
The benefits of Touch for Health include, but are not limited to:- clearing of energetic blocks; relief from pain and tension such as headaches; release of emotionsl stress and supporting the development of one's own self awareness.